As a result of the implementation of Activity 1 a team of experts will be formed, possessing the necessary knowledge and skills related to the management and implementation of the project. This will ensure quality and efficient implementation of the project, in compliance with the agreed budget and implementation schedule. The team will cover all activities necessary for the implementation of the project and will ensure quality planning, coordination, monitoring, implementation and reporting of all activities envisaged in the project. All experts from the team will perform their duties in compliance with the regulatory framework and guidelines for implementation and reporting of the project. An external contractor will be awarded for the outsourcing of activities related to the ongoing and final audit of the project. For the period of project implementation, it is estimated that about 5 ongoing audits and one final audit of the project and of the partners for whom audit reports will be certified will be carried out.

As a result of the implementation of Activity 2, a public procurement will be conducted for selection of a contractor for organization and conduction of trainings for increasing the capacity of the municipal officials of Galabovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Stambolovo municipalities for development, implementation and evaluation of measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Three external trainings for the municipal officials of the three Bulgarian municipalities will be organized and conducted and the following total number of officials will be trained, of which:

– Municipality of Galabovo – 4;

– Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa – 10;

– Municipality of Stambolovo – 7.

As a result of the implementation of Activity 3, three measures for mixing and adaptation to climate change will be introduced. Two photovoltaic systems will be designed, delivered and installed and municipal lands in Stambolovo municipality will be afforested. The indirect results of the implementation of the activity will be related to laying the foundations for building collective self-awareness of the population of the three municipalities, related to the implementation of measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, including at the level of individual households.

As a result of the implementation of Activity 4, the level of trust between the cooperating organizations from the Beneficiary States and the donor countries will be increased and the degree of satisfaction with the established partnership will be measured and reported. A presentation will be prepared and presented to the municipal councils of the three Bulgarian partner municipalities, to the mayors of other municipalities in Bulgaria and to the public, presenting good practices in the field of adaptation to climate change, applied in Norway. There will be one trip for exchange of experience and good practices of the team from Bulgaria to Norway – 4-day trip for 5 people (manager, three coordinators and one official representative of the municipality of Galabovo).

As a result of the implementation of Activity 5 the following results will be achieved:

– developed 1 assessment of the municipal development plan of the municipality of Galabovo, regarding the implementation of the goals for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and outlined measures for adaptation to climate change;

– developed 2 „Climate change action plan“ – for the municipality of Galabovo and for the municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa;

– developed 1 Plan for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change in the municipality of Stambolovo.

As a result of the implementation of Activity 6, two information events under the project will be organized and held – opening and closing press conference; a bilingual project website will be developed; designs will be developed and three banners will be delivered – one for each Bulgarian project partner.