Project “Introduction of measures for adaptation to the changing climate in the municipalities of Galabovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Stambolovo” is implemented with the financial support of the “Environment Protection and Climate Change” Programme, financed by the FM of the EEA.

The project envisages the implementation of activities related to:

  • Improvement of the competence of municipal employees in the planning of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures;
  • Improvement of skills and expertise at local level in order to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategic plans and measures already taken, as well as to facilitate their efforts to identify gaps in climate changemitigation and adaptation actions, incl. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and actions in extreme weather events;
  • Development and implementation of measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the energy sector;
  • Dissemination of good practices by Donor States in the field of climate change adaptation.