The project will be implemented in a joint partnership between the Municipality of Galabovo (applicant), the Municipality of G. Oryahovitsa (partner), the Municipality of Stambolovo (partner) and the Utgard AS., Norway (partner). The project management structure consists of the applicant’s representatives and the representatives of all project partners in compliance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination. The following system has been established for the clear distribution of responsibilities and for ensuring effective communication, distribution and monitoring of the implementation of obligations, as well as for providing a mechanism for effective decision-making and change management, and the following system will be applied throughout the project implementation period for hierarchical links:

  • Management level – includes the project manager and the project coordinator on behalf of the applicant;
  • Executive level – includes the accountants of the applicant and the partners and coordinators of the partners.

The management and coordination of the project activities will be carried out by the Project manager, by applying a package of measures, ensuring timely implementation and reporting of the activities, in accordance with the approved budget and the current legislation. The main decision-making processes are related to the application of the described management procedures, hierarchy in project management and management meetings. Any decision taken on the management and implementation of the project and the risk assessment will be taken after an in-depth analysis of the circumstances. Operational decisions regarding the planned project activities, as well as the implementation of regular commitments, such as submission of payment requests, project reports, etc. will be taken by the team representatives at the Executive Level. If it is necessary to make decisions about problems, risks and changes in the project, the decisions will be prepared by the representatives of the team at the Executive Level and will be approved by the team at the Management Level for project implementation. Decisions on project implementation that are not related to problems, risks or changes will be made and documented during the Regular Monthly Meetings. Decisions related to problems, risks and changes in the project will be discussed, taken and documented during the Extraordinary Project Meetings. The communication within the project will be carried out for all planned activities and during the whole period for project implementation. The communication will be carried out daily during the implementation of the activities between all responsible experts from the project management team. Daily communication between the management team of the project will be done verbally or via email correspondence.

The project envisages introduction of good practices by the Norwegian partner through the use of know-how and identification of good practices in the field of climate and energy from renewable sources. The experience of the Norwegian partners will be applied whit the dissemination of good practices of donor countries in the field of adaptation to climate change. The experience of the partner will be applied by providing methodological and expert assistance in project activities implementation.